How to Join the NBA 2K eLeague

NBA 2K eLeague


Everything you need to know about how to join the NBA 2K eLeague. Get all the updates on NBA 2K eLeague league play, pro am, tournaments, draft dates, and qualifiers.

The Internet is abuzz after the announcement of the NBA 2K eLeague and everyone wants to know how they can join the eLeague and become a professional eSports athlete in the first eSports league owned by one of the “big four” professional American sports leagues. The information we have is a bit fuzzy but here’s what we speculate:

  • We assume that the main factor teams will use to select players will be Pro Am play (or a similar new feature). As we have seen in many past tournaments Pro Am players are higher caliber players in a competitive environment. Park players have consistently under-performed in high profile tournaments.


  • There will be opportunities for players to get discovered outside of traditional means such as league play (which we assume will be Pro Am play or a new system very similar). In the same way that players can get discovered playing high profile tournaments at famous courts like Rucker by collegiate or NBA teams, we expect big brands to sponsor high-profile cash tournaments where talent could be put in the spotlight to be considered by NBA 2K eLeague franchises.


  • NBA 2K eLeague franchises will be looking at criteria totally unrelated to performance in the actual game itself. In other words, they will be considering the person as a whole in the same way NBA and other professional teams currently do. Here’s an example: You have a 15 year old kid out there who might not be one of the top players in the world but he makes great grades, has a solid family life, a great attitude, a great work ethic, and would represent the franchise in a favorable way. NBA 2K eLeague teams will be taking chances on players they believe have the potential to be the best players in the world based on criteria like the above. Nobody wants the Johnny Football eSports equivalent.


Here’s what Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, told USA Today in an interview:

“There’s a global pool of gamers, they come in all ages, and sizes and ethnicities and sexes, and then we will at some point have a draft that will look somewhat similar to an NBA draft, in which the teams will select their players, and presumably on top of that they’ll have the ability to spot some great talent on their own, players who aren’t identified through sort of a league system. And that’s how we’ll form our teams.”

– Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner

We will be updating this page as soon as any additional information becomes available so stay tuned and stay frosty.