NBA 2K eLeague Draft – Dates, Times & TV Schedule

The NBA 2K eLeague draft will be similar to the NBA draft in that teams will select players and have the ability to indentify talent through means that might be outside of normal channels like league play.

With the official announcement of the list of teams participating in the NBA 2K eLeague coming in the next few weeks we expect actual draft specifics very soon. We will update this page and event as details come to light including: dates, times & TV schedules/coverage.

Here’s a few questions we are waiting to answer:

  1. How will the NBA set the draft order?
  2. Will there be a salary cap and if so how will they set it?
  3. What date and time will the draft take place?
  4. Will the draft be televised?


DATE: 6/14/2018, 6:00PM EST


Location: NBA HQ

Address: 645 5th Ave (at W 51st St.), New York, NY 10022